Bahrain Television, via satellite, and on a daily basis, will air coverage of the event to more than 40 million viewers in the Middle East. We will work with Bahrain Television production crew to ensure appropriate coverage of our Corporate Sponsors. An approximate onsite daily audience of 10,000 spectators will see your corporate logo and banner placed on view in our service pit crew area during each rally event.

Bahrain Television has agreed to provide local and international satellite coverage. International news agencies including CNN; BBC, Asia Sports, Reuters, will receive broadcast tape from Bahrain Television for including in their Sport News Hours.

Worldwide channels FOX Network USA, CNN, PRIMESPORT, ART, STAR TV (Far East, Malaysia, India, China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, UAE, Pakistan, Indonesia, Kuwait, Bahrain), BTV, ABSAT, Canal+ (France), MNET (South Africa), SKY SPORT, FOX GALAXY (Australia), FOX AMERICAS (Mexico, Latin America, Brazil, Argentina), TVS (Denmark), JUPITER (JAPAN), ITALIA1, TMC and TMC2, TELE+ and ODEON (Italy) have agreed to broadcast television coverage of the Bahrain International Rally.

Regional and national English and Arabic newspapers have agreed to run daily coverage of the tournament.

Significant Sponsor benefits have been developed to fully recognize your Sponsorship and take advantage of the media exposure.


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